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A Shepherds Tale

A Shepherds Tale - Ovile Special - Traditional Sardinian Working Tour

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Ogliastra has sheep and goats, and looking after those sheep and goats are the task masters of the land, the local shepherds.

An excursion is available to join these good folk and experience first hand what it`s like to work with the animals, walk some of the natural troden paths through rural Ogliastra, see the manual milking methods of the animals, find out about the traditional cheese making, taste the end products and enjoy the natural environment from whence they came.

There are plenty of photo opportunities along the way including the curious wooden safehouses the shepherds use for shelter and rest.
Also available is the "Ovile Special", a seven day trekking bonanza exploring the heart of the Sopramonte of Baunei, taking in traditional lodgings and self-made campsites, eating delicious local produce cooked over open fires, all the while being safely guided by the very people who have worked the territory for many, many years.


Ovili Del Supramonte – The Old Shepherds Huts of the Supramonte

This fascinating itinery takes in the harsh expanse of the Codule where the rivers run with force in the autumn and winter months but stay dry in the summer. Solitary walls and striking rock faces mix with the slopes and overhangs of the trails which eventually work their way to the dreamy little beaches and pristine waters of the Mediteranean.

DAY 1:

Depart from "Genna Sarbene" in the territory of Urzulei, about 40km south of Dorgali; after about an hour on foot you arrive at Rifugio Carta. From here you can visit "Nuraghe Pedrasacu", the valley "Su Canale" and the old nuragic village which remains intact to this very day.

Dinner and overnight stay at Rifugio Carta.

DAY 2:

Depart Rifugio Carta at approx. 08:00 with a transfer in jeep along the dirt roads which reach "Genna Silana" where you'll find the start of the path which leads to the almighty Canyon of Gorropu", Europe's deepest canyon with walls 500mt high, and the fracture of "Monte Oddeu" with its verticle walls of 467mt.

The jeep awaits to return you to Rifugio Carta for dinner and overnight stay.

Walking duration: 5hours; height difference of 500mt.

DAY 3:

After an early breakfast you'll head off towards "Punto Margiane", crossing the forest of "Mureddu"and resting at the splendid nuragic village in the valley of "Bidunie", going along the old cartways which transported coal many years ago, arriving on the high grounds covering the "Codula di Luna" where you should see the local wildlife, the mouflone, navigating the tricky terrain with ease. Roughly six hours after departing Rifugio Carta you'll arrive at the impressive Cala di Luna where you'll have the opportunity to swim and relax and take in the natural beauty of one of Sardinia's most treasured areas.

Dinner is taken at the restaurant at Cala Luna and overnight stay will be your very own campsite either on the beach or a few hundred metres in land.

Walking duration: 6hours; height difference of 900mt

DAY 4:

Early breakfast and departure from your camp you begin a brief ascend which penetrates "Bacu di Lupiru" until arriving at the great stone arc "S'Archeddu de Lupiru" from where you can catch site of the Golf of Orosei. Joining the peak of "Onamarra" at 600mt you can visit the oldest shepherds huts in all of Sardinia in the valley of "Su Irore Longu". Following the mule tracks, about six hours from Cala Luna, you will reach Cala Sisine with its long white pebble beach and sparkling blue shore. You will take dinner here and set up camp again enjoying the unpolluted sky.

Walking duration: 6hours; height difference of 600mt.

DAY 5:

After breakfast you'll have the opportunity to tour Sisine with a guide and understand a little more about the fauna and vegetation endemic to that area. Then you head in the direction of the high planes of Golgo and eventually along the dirt roads leading to the charming area of "La Chiesa di San Pietro", where you'll find a lovely old church "guarded" by varius wildlife including donkeys, cows, goats and wild pig. You'll also have the chance to visit the 280mt deep natural water hole "Su Sterru" and the little pools by which it is surrounded. The day concludes with dinner and overnight stay in your own campsite.

Walking duration: 5hours; height difference of 400m.

DAY 6:

Early breakfast and you are off to cross the valley of Golgo, ascending for a short while before arriving at a natural watering hole. From here you head along the path that leads to glorious Cala Goloritzè, one of the Mediteraneans most famous little beaches, with its deep blue waters and stunning rocky back drop. Resting here until early afternoon before returning on the same nature trail you will divert slightly to "Bacu Linnalbus", an old shepherds hut.

It is here that dinner takes place with traditinoal music, delicious local food and quality wine, resting for the night before the final part of your journey.

Walking duration: 5hours; height difference of 500mt.

DAY 7:

The final stage of your journey sees you heading for the forest of "Pissu e Serra" while passing the old shepherds hut of "Us Piggius". Here you abandon the dusty old cart road and head towards the impressive cliff ledge path that leads to the natural monument "Pedra Longa", a giant rocky finger sticking straight out of the sea.

Sadly, "Pedra Longa" represents your journeys end and awaiting you is a transfer back to Rifugio Carta and ultimately your departure from the memorable Supramonte of Baunei.

Walking duration: 4hours; height difference of 800mt.

Available almost all year round (excluding late July to early September), this tour is an open door into fairly hardcore traditional Sardinian living.

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