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Cala Goloritzè

Su Porteddu - Cala Goloritzè

Su Porteddu - Cala Goloritzè - STS Sardinian Tourist Services


GRADE OF DIFFICULTY: T - Tourist Friendly

AVERAGE TREKKING TIME: 1h 15m (descending / going) - 1h 30m (ascending / return)

LENGTH: 3km (one way, down hill)


START POINT: Bar Su Portedu, Golgo

ARRIVAL POINT: Cala Goloritzè


PATH CONDITIONS: Rocky, open and unshaded

HOW TO GET THERE: From Tortoli take the main road SS125 north passing through Lotzorai continuing on the twisting ascent to the mountain town of Baunei. Continue through Baunei until the main church on the left hand side. Approx.100m on the right hand side after the church is the ascending road which takes you above the town. Follow the signs to Goloritzè and La Chiesa di San Pietro. It is well signposted. The road flattens out at the top and you continue for another 6km before arriving at the signposted turn for Su Portedu and Goloritzè. Turn right here and follow the wide trail for approx.1km before arriving at the parking area infront of bar Su Portedu. A small fee (€4) is required to park for one day.

THE TREK: The trail begins to the left of the car park and is signposted left after the initial 50m. It ascends for almost 1km up and over a ridge then descends for almost 2km until you arrive at the steep wooden steps leading down to the little beach of Goloritzè. There are some really nice views along the way and the sea is a cooling welcome particularly if you do this trek during the summer months.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please be aware that since 2016 a charge of €6 (adult), €3 (child), is in place at the start of the nature trail. Refreshment point at the start, great coastal views on the way. Local wildlife includes cows, goats, donkeys, lizards, snakes.

ATTENTION: The trail to Goloritzè is very popular during the summer months so be prepared to have company particularly at the beach. There is no refreshment area at the beach so take plenty of water for the return journey back up the trail. Su Porteddu accommodates tents and mobile homes for a small fee (€8) per person, per night. There are toilets and washing facilities here aswell.

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