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Canyon of Gorropu

Canyon of Gorropu (from Genna Silana)

Canyon of Gorropu (from Genna Silana) - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

MAP REFERENCE: Urzulei and Dorgali

DIFFICULTY: E - Experienced trekkers

AVERAGE TREKKING TIME: 2hrs (descending / going), 2hrs 20m (ascending / returning)

LENGTH: 3.5km (one way)


START POINT: Parking area at Genna Silana

ARRIVAL POINT: Riverbed and canyon entrance


PATH CONDITIONS: Dusty trail descending through woods, stoney and rocky for the final descend. Shaded in parts.

HOW TO GET THERE: From Tortoli take the main road SS125 north passing through Lotzorai and ascending the mountain road to Baunei. Continue through Baunei and straight ahead for approx. 25km until arriving at the parking area of Genna Silana (opposite Hotel Silana). It takes roughly 55 minutes from Tortoli to Genna Silana.

THE TREK: Two signposts to Gorropu at are the start of the trail which is used regularly and is quite easy to follow throughout. Initially the trail descends quite gently and runs through the woods, past old shepherd's huts and opens onto gravel tracks that traverse the valley. Beautiful panoramic views are found when the path opens up but be careful where the trail is slippery under foot due to smaller stones. The second half of the trail is more demanding as it descends more rapidly eventually arriving at the final steep section that exits you onto the large river rocks near the mouth of the canyon. A small cabin can be found at the mouth of the canyon itself and a small entry fee (€5) is required to enter the canyon.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Entry fee (€5) required to enter the canyon, the trails are free. Magnificent views from the trail. Demanding return trek ascending all the way to the parking area. Refreshment area at the start of the trail. Excellent hotel accommodation available at the start of the trail. Guided excursions available. Return transfer available with 4x4 (€10 per person).

ATTENTION: The return trek is very demanding. The 4x4 transfer operates more regularly in the afternoon and seats can be reserved at the cabin infront of the canyon entrance. The STS office also reserves seats for those who desire this option. An alternative, flatter, shorter trail starting from the other side of the river infront of the canyon mouth is undertaken by those using the 4x4 transfer. A guide / driver usually accompanies you to the vehicle. The transfer uses an old trail and returns you to the parking area at Genna Silana. Please be aware that from Novemebr to March there is the probabilty of increased water levels at the mouth of the canyon.

ACCOMMODATION: Genna Silana is quite remote and the Hotel Silana offers very comfortable hospitality for those who wish to relax a little after the trek to Gorropu. Bed and breakfast, half-board services are available.

For more information on Hotel Silana please click here

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