Cave of the Figs

The Cave of the Figs

The Cave of the Figs - STS Sardinian Tourist Services
Location: Gulf of Orosei
Opening period: June to September
How to find us: Please see the description below

  • The Cave of the Figs opened to the public in 2003. Accessible by boat its entrance is several meters above sea level in a cliff face and is reached via a wooden stairway from the base of the sea lapped cliff. The cave was discovered by a Sardinian speleology group. Although no longer found near the cave one founding member of the group, a certain Padre Furreddu, studied monk seals that lived in the waters in and around the cave back in the 1970's. Today, the cave is still under exploration.

  • Cave length approx. 1800M
  • Cave temperature moderate
  • Access by boat *
  • Access by foot **

* Excursions to the Coves of Orosei incorporate visits to the cave
** The cave can be reached on foot with a guide following a path through the highlands of Golgo

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