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Coccorrocci to Sa Perda Stampada

DIFFICULTY: T - Tourist and Family Friendly

AVERAGE TREKKING TIME: 0h 45m (one way)




START POINT: Parking area at the beach of Coccorrocci

ARRIVAL POINT: The excellent panoramic point of  the Sa Perda Stampada rocks


PATH CONDITIONS: Shaded start, stoney, rocky and ascending for the majority

HOW DO I GET THERE? From Tortoli take the SS125 south turning off at Cardedu. Turn right off the slip road towards the town of Cardedu, continue for approx. 1.6km turning right followingthe sign to Marina di Gairo. Drive the long straight road swinging right at the end, continue over the bridge until the roundabout. Take the second exit (straight ahead) and continue for approx. 9km along the coast road until arriving at the Coccorrocci camp site. Swing left before the site and follow the dirt road for approx. 200m until arriving at the parking area

THE TREK: Start your walk following the back fence of the camp site until the little bridge then swing left along the dirt track until arriving at the signpost for Sa Perda Stampada, Radar and Punta Cartuceddu (pictured). Turn right here, continue through the wooded section ascending through shaded areas. After approx. 20 mins one arrives at another sign post for an alternative, more demanding ascend. Turning right takes you up, up, up to the ridge of the mount. Continue to Sa Parda Stampada. After approx. 20 minutes one arrives at a fork in the trail. Continue left and flat to arrive at the fantastic open rock of Sa Parda Stampada. Be sure to walk over the little ridge and turn left for the rock and rest area. Pay attention to your footing as the drop over the edge is a big one! Return the same way as you came

OPTIONAL TREK: After the hollow rock of Sa Perda Stampada the path continues through bushes and foliage for approx. 20 minutes then opens out a little. Fantastic coastal views are found all along this section until arriving some forty minutes later at Tertenia 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Refreshment area 4km from start point. Sea access at start point. Local wildlife includes cows, goats and horses (within the first 500m). Extra nature trails optional. Beautiful coastal views

ATTENTION: It is easy to miss the start to Sa Perda Stampada and end up on a shorter, much lower path closer to the sea eventually arriving at a rocky dead end so be sure you have the right trail!

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