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Cuile Us Piggius

Pedra Longa to Il Cuile Us Puggius

Pedra Longa to Il Cuile Us Puggius - STS Sardinian Tourist Services


DIFFICULTY: E - Experienced Trekkers

AVERAGE TREKKING TIME: 2h 15m (one way)

LENGTH: 3.5km


START POINT: Parking area at Pedra Longa

ARRIVAL POINT: The shepherds hut - Il Cuile Us Puggius

INDICATIONS: Yes - Blue markers on large rocks

PATH CONDITIONS: Dusty, narrow trail, ascending and descending first section. Rocky, stoney and ascending second section, shaded in areas

HOW TO GET THERE: From Tortoli take the main road SS125 north passing through Lotzorai. Continue on the ascending mountain road for several kilometers until arriving at the right hand turn signposted to Rifugio Uttolo. This right hand turn is approx.1km before the town of Baunei. Turn right here, the road ascends slightly then descends for three kilometers until the natural monument and parking area of Pedra Longa

THE TREK: The trail begins behind the bar at Pedra Longa. It starts dusty and narrow but is easy to follow. Continue ahead for approx.20minutes through the gate and down to the flat, open area with bushes and small trees either side. Keep going passing through the little stream until arriving at a left hand trail with a rock marked with blue paint. This is approx. 35minutes into your walk. Turn left here and begin your ascend. The trail becomes narrow again and loose under foot as it climbs through the foliage and trees. Continue on this trail for approx. 20minutes following the little blue markers on the rocks as the trail turns right and left ascending for the most part. There are some excellent views of the sea the higher you go. Eventually the trail ascends on loose stones with the sea view to your left and the big rocky cliff to your right. Be very careful here as it is slippery under foot. Continue ahead and up until the trail opens onto a steep right hand scramble which ascends for approx. 20m. After this the trail becomes narrow and dusty again and you continue ascending through foliage with the big cliff to your right and the sea behind you. Pay attention here as the trail looks like it splits, try to keep high and right until passing the cave on the right hand side keeping the valley on your left hand side. The trail turns right then continues along a rocky narrow ledge with glorious views behind you and to your left. Keep going until the trail opens up and ascends the stoney section to the shepherds huts and the goats. Return the same way.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Map recommended. Refreshment point at the start, lots of parking spaces. Access to the sea to the left of Pedra Longa. Really rewarding views of the coast and Pedra Longa the higher and further you go. Local wildlife includes cows, goats, snakes and lizards. Better with a guide.

ATTENTION: Map recommended. This trek becomes demanding when you begin your ascend. Parts of the trail are narrow and dangerous so pay attention to where you step! Take lots of water with you. It is possible to continue past the shepherds huts and onto a wide trail that runsaway from the sea back inland but it is very easy to get lost here and is very long. A transfer is required if you don't return the way you came.

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