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Day Activities

Trekking Ogliastra

Trekking Ogliastra - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Ogliastra's climate is excellent for outdoor activities and walking the paths and tracks of the hills and plains is a great way to get to know your holiday environment. There's bags of things to see so take a look at our trekking guide to get you moving in the right direction

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Kayaking - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Discover the beautiful local beaches in the comfort of your own kayak with a qualified instructor as your guide. Tour for a relaxing couple of hours or improve your skills with a short practical course.
Great value for money and fun for all the family to enjoy

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Diving - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Offering you the opportunity to experience this popular and rewarding holiday activity.
Explore the beautiful waters of the Mediteranean and be the envy of your friends.

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Windsurfing - STS Sardinian Tourist Services
Discover your hidden talents riding the wind and waves of the Ogliastran coast.
Join our experienced and enthusiastic water sports team and have fun with all the family.

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Snorkelling - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Whether you choose to go by yourself or with an organised group, the Ogliastran beaches are a haven for snorkel enthusiasts. STS can provide you with first-hand information about the best and safest local places to snorkel.

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Ogliastra on Horseback

Ogliastra on Horseback - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

See the wild and beautiful shores of the Ogliastran coast or venture across the nature trails of the inland plains and mountains. These friendly and popular teams of equestrian enthusiasts will help to make your Sardinian holiday a memorable one.

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Fly Board

Fly Board - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Something a little different to entertain as Fly Boarding comes to the beautiful shores of Ogliastra


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Gokarting - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Experience the thrill of racing your family and friends at Ogliastra's leading kart arena. Excellent facilities and safety as a premium, Kartodromo Arenadas warmly welcomes everyone.

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STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Friends and adventurers stay in touch.......

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Excursions - Golfo di Orosei

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Local Agriturismi

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