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Location: Central Ogliastra (15km from the sea)

How to get there:

  • From the south take the SS125 north to Cardedu, head left of the town to Jerzu then turn right and follow signs to Loceri and Lanusei, continue on this road until you arrive in Lanusei. DO NOT turn right to Loceri. Follow the SS390 through and above Lanusei and follow signs to Elini, continue on this road until arriving in Elini.
  • From Nuoro follow the SS389 and signs to Lanusei until the signs for Elini. This is quite a straight forward journey.


  • This is a small but pretty town nestled between Arzana and Lanusei, almost 500m above sea level, with great views of several kilometres of Ogliastra. Its friendly inhabitants welcome tourists warmly to share in the towns quaint peacefulness. The station for the Little Green Train offers you the opportunity to visit other areas of Ogliastra.

Points of interest:

  • Station for the Little Green Train of Sardinia


  • MAY - Festival of Saint Gavino
  • JULY / AUGUST - Festival of the Elinese summer
  • AUGUST - Festival of San Augustin
  • 2nd Sunday of OCTOBER - Festival of Saint Gavino - The Chestnut Feast
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