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Excursion by Land

Discover with STS Ogliastra a more rural and historical Sardinia

Discover with STS Ogliastra a more rural and historical Sardinia - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Ogliastra boasts many changing natural environments:

The rugged Tacchi d'Ogliastra, Valley Pardu, Lake Flumendosa and

the sweeping landscapes of the Gennargentu and Supramonte of Baunei.


You can choose the best option to experience Ogliastra.

Take a ride through the territory on the historic

 relax on the Trenino del Supramonte

of Golgo which is particularly nice for families.

Jeep and Quad excursions are available

The Donkey Trek tour is also a nice way to pass a morning.

Experience rural Sardegna and connect to

the splendid Ogliastra environment.

Il Trenino Supramonte – The Golgo Express

Il Trenino Supramonte – The Golgo Express - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

This panoramic road train takes you from the mountain town of Baunei up to the sweeping landscape of Golgo. Guided visits include the archeological and geological mysteries plus you can greet the local wildlife consisting of donkeys, goats, pigs and turtles making this a super half-day family excursion. Departures from Baunei.

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Jeep Excursions

Jeep Excursions - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Half-day and full day tours available to access some of Ogliastra's wild territories including the Gennargentu and Supramonte regions, Ulassai and Canyon Goropu. Experienced guides assist to give our visitors a more complete experience.



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Quad Tours

Quad Tours - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Guided excursions offered in the adventurous terrain of the Tacchi d'Ogliastra or the Supramonte of Baunei.The winding trails take you through forrest areas and past natural monuments, archeological sites and panoramic points for photo opportunities. Departures from Osini or Baunei.


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Donkey Excursion

Donkey Excursion - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

For the little ones we have an experience that will not leave them indifferent. They will be able to look after and ride our very nice furry donkeys who love contact with your children.



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Food and wine experience

Food and wine experience - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

A fascinating experience among the flavors of our food and wine products enclosed in typical Ogliastra scenarios. From dinner in the sheepfolds to the starry skies of the heels of Ogliastra. A perfect combination between food and nature.




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