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Location: Central Ogliastra (15km from the sea)

How to get there:

  • From the south take the SS125 north to Tortoli until Cardedu, turn left towards Jerzu but you must turn right onto La Strada 28 just before the bridge. DO NOT go over the bridge as this is a far longer route. Stay with the river on your left hand side, continue on this road climbing up and around the valley until you arrive in Gairo. It is a great journey but please concentrate as there are many bends and beautiful scenery to look at.
  • From Nuoro take the main road SS389 towards Lanusei until the junction for the SS198 to Gairo. It is quite straight forward but do concentrate on the road as there are many bends and beautiful scenery to look at.


  • The territory of Gairo covers over 20km from the beach to its mountainous backlands. The main town of Gairo is situated high on the inside of a valley above the remains of Old Gairo, which was washed away by heavy rains in 1951. Perda 'e Liana, one of Ogliastra's best known and most visible land marks is situated in Gairo's juristiction as is the Cave of Taquisara. The Little Green Train of Sardinia travels through the territory of Gairo and its station is situated near the cave of Taquisara. There are plenty of walking and trekking opportunities within the territory including Mount Ferru and Perda 'e Liana.

Points of interest:

  • Gairo Vecchio (Old Gairo)
  • Il Trenino Verde - The Little Green Train
  • Perda 'e Liana
  • Cave of Taquisara
  • Nuraghe Serbissi
  • Domus di Janas (House of the Fairies)
  • Marina di Gairo (beaches)
  • Mountain Bike excursions
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