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Location: Central Ogliastra (13km from the sea)

How to get there:

  • From the south take the main road SS125 north to Tortoli until reaching Cardedu, turn west following signs to Jerzu and continue up and around the valley until arriving at the junction for the old Cagliari road, turn right here and continue to Jerzu.
  • From Nuoro take the main road SS389 towards Lanusei until turning right onto the SS198 following signs to Gairo, continue on the SS198 turning right upon entering Gairo then down the valley and across it. When you begin to ascend on the other side take the left turn onto the SP11 following the signs to Osini, Ulassai and Jerzu. Continue on this road until arriving in Jerzu. It is quite a tricky journey but there is some breathtaking scenery along the way.


  • Jerzu is situated on the side of a mountainous region next to Ulassai. It has excellent access to rock popular with free-climbers, rock climbers and absailers. Agriculturally the area is rich with vineyards produciing grapes for the well known Cannonnau winemakers, the winery itself being a major attraction to the town. Offering fantastic views of the valley and the Mediteranean to the east, Jerzu's priveleged geographic postion is one of its selling points. The town remains traditional and has an almost historical "time-warped feel" to it, especially the "one-way" road from the Ulassai end of town. Throughout the territory you can find many nuragic towers and remains. There is also the forest of San Antonio which offers plenty of variation for walkers and trekkers.

Points of interest:

  • Local Cantina
  • Nuragic sites
  • La Scala di San Giorgio (local trekking Area)
  • The Forest of San Antonio
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