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Landrover Tours of Ogliastra

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Get up-close and personal with Ogliastra's hinterland with some off-road sight seeing!

Tour 1:
Excursion to the natural area of Ente Forrest of Orgove
Including the high point of the Ogliastran territory for excellent panoramic views
Duration of 3 – 4 hours

  • 9.00: Depart from the woods of Santa Barbara
  • 9.30: Arrive at the park and the reconstruction of the old village of the shepherds
  • 10.00: Continue on to the panoramic point of Mount Olinie at 1300m
  • 13.00: Return to the park of Santa Barbara with the possibilty of lunch at the woods

Tour 2:
Excursion to the panoramic point of Monte Idolo (Mount Idolo)
Duration of 3 hours

  • 10.00: Depart from the park of Santa Barbara
  • 10.45: Arrive at Mount Idolo
  • 12.00: Return to the park following the long circular route with the possibilty of lunch at the woods

Typical menu for lunch:

  • Starter of ham and sauasage
  • Main dish of roasted meats (pork, goat or sheep)
  • Side dishes of cheese, vegetables and fruit of the season
  • Wine and water served throughout

- Possibility of transfers upon request (€5 per person)
- Escursions operate for a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12

For more information and reservations please do not hesitate to contact STS
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