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Local Markets

Local markets are common place in Ogliastra. The selling of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and wine, local crafts as well as clothing and house hold accessories is part of every day life. Sellers are friendly and helpful and bartering is expected. Locations in the towns vary but locals are happy to advise. Cafè or refreshment wagons are usually available on-site. Trading begins at between 08:30 - 09.00 and ends at roughly mid-day.

We have listed the town in which the market is in followed by the day it is held. Happy hunting!


Arzana - Friday             Girasole -  N/A
Barisardo - Saturday            Ilbono -  N/A
Baunei - Wednesday             Jerzu - Friday
Cardedu - Thursday              Lanusei - Thursday
Elini - Monday              Loceri - Wednesday
Gairo - Tuesday             Lotzorai - Tuesday
Osini - Monday             Triei - Saturday
Perdasdefogu - Saturday            Ulassai - Tuesday
Seui - Thursday            Urzulei - Friday
Talana - Monday             Ussasai - Saturday
Tertenia - Wednesday               Villagrande - Wednesday
Tortoli - Friday  
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