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Monte Tricoli

Cantoniera Sarcerei to Monte Tricoli (Lanusei / Gairo)

Cantoniera Sarcerei to Monte Tricoli (Lanusei / Gairo) - STS Sardinian Tourist Services


DIFFICULTY: E - Experienced trekkers




START POINT: Cantoniera Sarcerei (Picnic area and Parking), SS198 Lanusei to Gairo

ARRIVAL POINT: Monte Tricoli (Radar and Antena point - pictured)


PATH CONDITIONS: Stoney and dusty track, shaded in parts

HOW TO GET THERE: From Tortoli take the SS198 to Lanusei turning left at the roundabout on the edge of the little town of Ilbono. The road climbs into Lanusei and you arrive at junction crossing the railway track. Follow the signs for Nuoro and the SS198 that leads up and north of Lanusei. Upon exiting the town a series of bends takes you to a sharp left hand bend signposted to Gairo. The road naturally swings left here so follow it round to the left. DO NOT GO STRAIGHT ON HERE as you will be heading to Nuoro. Continue towards Gairo for approx. 3.5km passing the park and woods of Selene on the left until arriving at the sharp right hand bend with the Cantoniera Sarcerei on your right and the wooded picnic and parking area on your left

THE TREK: A wide dusty trail ascends gently through the woods, continue for approx. 1.2km until the fork on the trail. Turning right here takes you on a glorious circular route that leads to a beautiful, open panoramic view of the mountain towns of Osini, Ulassai and Jerzu looking south down the Pardu valley. If you go right you head down the valley and away from your point of destination. When arriving here turn left and head up the dusty, stoney trail which basically traverses part of the valley. The trail takes a sharp left and goes up and over the ridge then swings right. You should get a view of Monte Tricoli from here with its antenae on the top. Continuing you descend slightly through a wooded section until ascending to a right hand turn which takes you to the antenae and the top of Monte Tricoli. The view is lovely here and on a clear day you can see the long stretch of Ogliastran coast from Tortoli to Coccorrocci. Heading back follow the same little trail down and away from the antenae but turn right and descend slowly with the woods on your left hand side. Continue ahead for approx. 550m. The trail swings left, then right as you descend through the trees. Continue ahead passing the fork on the trail (to your left) and keep going until you arrive back at the parking area and long picnic tables

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Great panoramic views, extensive picnic area at the start. Family friendly route

ATTENTION: Please be aware of rapidly changing weather conditions from October to March which greatly reduces the distance you can see from the top

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