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Nuragic Village of Tiscali

Nuragic Village of Tiscali - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Easy full day excursion to one of Sardinia`s finest nuragic examples.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Difficulty level: Easy
Height differential: 300 metres




Program 1: Transfer to the nature trail by an off-road vehicle. Arriving at the nature trail you walk the fairly steep path that leads to a narrow natural passage that precedes the a ledge on the crest of Mount Tiscali. Venturing past this point you are rewarded with the tour of the 3000 year old nuragic village. The return journey to the off-road vehicle is via a nature path on the opposite side of the mountain.

Program 2: Your off-road vehicle transfers you across the enchanting valley of the River Flumineddu Oddoene, following this is a nature trail that crosses the Surthana Doloverre. Once in the vicinity of Mount Tiscali you climb near the top to discover the hidden landscape of the Dolina Collapse inside which was built the charming nuragic village. You return to the off-road vehicle via the same nature trail you took to get there.

Additional information:

  • Comfortable walking shoes and a light jacket / wind protector are advised
  • Take water for the walking
  • Group excursions available upon request
  • Guided tours are available in English, German and Italian
  • Typical luch is available (reservation is neccessary)

Menu for lunch:

  • Starter of ham and sausage
  • First dish of roasted meats with a choice of pork, sheep or goat
  • Side dish of vegetables and Sardinian bread and cheese
  • Water and wine served throughout
For reservations and more information please contact STS
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