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Paule Mundugia

Lagoon Paule Mundugia - Talana

Lagoon Paule Mundugia - Talana - STS Sardinian Tourist Services


DIFFICULTY: E - Experienced trekkers

AVERAGE TREKKING TIME: 1h 45m (ascending / going), 2h (descending / returning)

LENGTH: 6.5km (circular route)


START POINT: Parking area on dirt track (found off the SP56 from Lotzorai to Talana)

ARRIVAL POINT: Lagoon of Paule Mundugia


PATH CONDITIONS: Stoney and rocky, ascending for the most part until the flat of the lagoon at the top. Shaded areas at the top as well as pitch sites for tents. Rocky steps for the descend through the trees

HOW DO I GET THERE? From Tortoli take the main road SS125 north entering Lotzorai, continue through the town until turning left onto the SP56 following signs to Talana. Continue for approx. 10Km until turning right onto the dirt road that leads to a parking area. A "cattle" signpost acts as a marker on the right hand side of the road for those seeking the correct exit point. The road dips down and over a concrete bridge over a river. Continue ahead for approx. 300m and swing left continuing for another 300m until turning right. A farm should be on your left hand side at this right turn. Continue ahead for approx. 500m until parking suitably in this area making sure to leave enough space for vehicles to pass. A water trough for animals is found nearby. 

THE TREK: Continue ahead on foot for approx. 500m passing the stoney remains of the old coal house until you arrive at the rocky path to the right signposted Paule Mundugia. Turn right here, the path turns and becomes rocky whilst ascending. Continue for approx. 700m until arriving at the first picnic area and spring. There is a beautiful view of the little valley from here. Continue along the winding trail until you arrive at a little plateau and the next signpost for Paule Mundugia. The trail drags left here and runs through an adventurous section of big rocks. After the big rocks the path ascends for some considerable time and is at its most demanding here although well shaded. You will pass an excellent panoramic point on this section. Eventually the path levels out and you continue ahead until arriving at the lagoon. In the summer months it is probable that the lagoon will be dry. The path is signposted but you have to cross the lagoon and exit from the other side where the trail continues through the trees and onto a very rocky descend which basically takes you all the way back to ground level. Take your time as it is demanding work. The rocks act as steps and the path is easy enough to follow. There are plenty of excellent views to the west and south on the way down. Eventually the trail arrives at the same point from which you start. At the end of the trail turn left and return to the parking area.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Archeological sites, picnic areas, natural springs (when functioning), glorious scenery, no refreshment points (cafè). Best access by car, scooter or mountain bike. Although tricky to find this path is very rewarding and visitors can choose to stop at the lower picnic area and still feel satisfied with the effort or continue up to the lagoon.

ATTENTION: Take plenty of water with you as there is the very real possibility that the spring is clogged or dry and the ascend to the lagoon is demanding. Also the initial road to the parking area may well be tarmac as work has been underway to improve access. We do advise a map for this trek so contact us or visit our office to buy one (€6).

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