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Pedra Longa

Coastal Path from S.M.Navarrese to Pedra Longa

Coastal Path from S.M.Navarrese to Pedra Longa - STS Sardinian Tourist Services


DIFFICULTY: T - Tourist friendly

AVERAGE TREKKING TIME: 1h 45m (one way)

LENGTH: 4.3km


START POINT: To the left of Bar Sa Cadrea above the port of Santa Maria Navarrese

ARRIVAL POINT: The natural monument of Pedra Longa


PATH CONDITIONS: Stoney with consistent sea view, few shaded areas

HOW DO I GET THERE? From Tortoli take the SS125 north continuing through Lotzorai, take the right hand turn to S.M.Navarrese 300m after leaving Lotzorai the other end of the town. Continue on this road for approx. 2.5km passing the beach (on your right) and the old church (on your left), continue ahead passing the port (on your right), the road swings left and up, keep going until the "crossroads" and pizzerie and the signpost for VIA PEDRA LONGA on the right hand side. Turn right here and follow the road up and above the port until the parking area next to the bar Sa Cadrea. The path begins to the left of the bar via a signposted gate "Pedra Longa".

THE TREK: Once through the start gate several steps lead up to a relatively flat path which continues north along the coast until your arrival at Pedra Longa. Roughly 1km into the trek you'll see a path running down to the right (signposted Su Runcu Nieddu) which ultimately leads to a rocky beach and access to the sea. This little path is very narrow and requires very steady footing. Continue past this little side path for Pedra Longa. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Refreshment points at the start and finish (from late May to early September), sea access at Pedra Longa, optional path accessible, beautiful sea views, local wildlife includes birds, insects and lizards. Return on foot the same way you came.

ATTENTION: The optional trekking to the rocky beach of Su Runcu Nieddu adds approx. 40 minutes to your journey and requires steady footing and a good eye as the path is swallowed up by bushes and fauna. It is also possible to continue past Pedra Longa onto more demanding paths. We advise you take a map with you for any additional paths past Pedra Longa. For more information on these paths please refer to "Pedra Longa and the Ledge of Destiny" description on the trekking page. A circular route from Santa Maria Navarrese is available to experienced walkers and requires a full day's trekking. A map is advisable for this option.

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