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Punta Goloritzè

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Like a huge exclamation mark of stone pin-pointing one of the most beautiful places on the Mediteranean!
Location: Baunei, Gulf of Orosei

How to get there:
By Car from Tortoli follow the main road SS125 north to Baunei, after entering Baunei continue for approx 500m and follow the signs on the right hand side to Church Of San Piedro and Golritzè. The road leads up and over onto the plataeu of Golgo, it is very well sign posted so you shouldn't miss it. Continue on this road for several kilometres until arriving at the signpost on the right of the road to Goloritzè. This takes you along an untidy track until you arrive at the carpark and rest point Su Porteddu, where there is a restaurant, bar and bathroom facilities for visitors to use. The nature trail to Goloritzè begins just to the left of the carpark.
By Boat along the coast of the Gulf of Orosei: Please follow the links towards the bottom of this page

What to expect: 
  • Whether you approach it on foot from the plataeu of Golgo or sail north up the coast of Orosei, this giant rock instantly tells you you've arrived at Punto Goloritzè. Popular with climbers, it stands at 143m and is accompanied by a stone arch that sits to its side protruding from the beautiful blue waters of the Med. This is a conservation area and no docking of boats is allowed within a certain perimeter of the beach itself. It has a wealth of natural beauty and is one of the jewels in the crown of the Mediteranean.
Additional information:
  • There is a small charge of €4 - €5 to park vehicles
  • Restaurant, bar and bathroom fascilities at Su Porteddu
  • Tent pitching is permitted (€6)
  • Motorhomes are welcome but there is no electric recharge point
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  • For boat hire from the touristic port of Arbatax please click here...

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