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Punta La Marmora

Punta La Marmora - The roof of Sardinia!

Punta La Marmora - The roof of Sardinia! - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

MAP REFERENCE: Gennargentu

DIFFICULTY: E - Experienced trekkers




START POINT: Shelter and parking area of La Marmora

ARRIVAL POINT: The summit and silver cross of La Marmora


PATH CONDITIONS: Stoney trails, unshaded and exposed. Ascending in parts

HOW DO I GET THERE? From Tortoli follow the SS198 to Lanusei turning right after approx. 2km onto the SP27 following signs to Villagrande Strisaili. Continue on the ascend for several kilometers until turning left to Nuoro (avoiding entry into the little town). The road continues to climb until you pass the Woods of Santa Barbara and arriving at the T-junction. A caffè is on the right hand side here. Turn right here onto the SS389 following signs to Nuoro. Continue for aprrox. 23km until exiting for Fonni. This road cuts right into the Gennargentu range. Continue for several kilometers until arriving at the town of Fonni. More or less as you enter the town you will turn left following signs for Punta La Marmora (be careful here because it can be easily missed). Continue on this road for several more kilometers traversing the mountains until arriving at the Marmora entry road on the left hand side. Many signposts are here making it easy to see. Turning left here ascends you for approx. 5km until arriving at the shelter and parking area and the start of the trekking path.

THE TREK: The path begins at the shelter winding along until the first ridge passover and a slight right turn. On the other side the path drags to the left and should be fairly easily followed as it is well trodden and shallow. You traverse some glorious countryside here stepping along the stoney trail passing the picnic areas and springs to your right (climbing left and up takes you towards the panoramic high point of Bruncu Spina although it adds a good hour to your trekking). Continuing you eventually arrive at another ridge section at which you continue ahead and ascend the rocky trail to the final flat section leading you to the silver cross and the summit. A large silver cross is the standout monument which marks your success to the top! Look out for a small pile of stones at its base, there could be a little treaure waiting for you!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Map recommended. Wide open spaces, spectacular views of Sardegna in all directions (on a clear day), accommodating and accessible picnic areas, fresh water springs, friendly locals. Local wildlife includes cows, goats, mufflone, hawk and eagle. Extra trails optional.

ATTENTION: Driving from Tortoli to the shelter and parking area takes approx.1h 45m. A round trek to La Marmora takes approx. 5h. so be prepared for a full day's excursion. STS recommends not to attempt this path without a map. We have plenty of excellent maps at our office which cost roughly €6 so be sure to pick one up before you set off! Please be aware of the possibility of rapidly changing weather conditions whilst undertaking this trek particularly from mid October to April. Snow falls here in the winter months so be prepared!!!

IS THERE A GUIDE AVAILABLE? Yes, guided excursions are available and are often better than going alone. A guide can be very informative and point out specific details you would otherwise miss. Plus there's less chance of wandering off the beaten track!

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