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S'Ortali 'e Su Monti (Tortolì)

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Nuragic remains with the tower, tombs and menhir all on show.

Location: Tortoli (the road to Lido di Orri)
How to Get There:
From the main road SS125 follow the signs for Lido di Orri, turn right at the roundabout and continue to the end of the long straight road, then take the first right, following the sign to S'Ortali 'e Su Monti, along the track to the parking area. From Tortoli town centre follow signs to Lido di Orri, going over the crossroads, past the office of STS, crossing the river Fodedu, and turning left at the roundabout onto the long straight road, then take the first right, continue down the track to the parking area

Description: A small wooden cabin is the first thing that greets you when you go through the gate at the entrance. A small fee (€3) is required to continue on to the nuraghe and domus de janas archeological sites. A small path continues ahead for approx. 50 meters and swings around the nuragic tower. There are some beautiful panoramic views from around the tower and depending on the time of year aguide will allow you to enter the tower itself. The domus de janas are situated at the far end of the site and are the furthest point on the path. The large stone menhir are situated on the territory opposite the entry gate

Additional Information: Open all year (excluding Mondays and national holidays)

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