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Selvaggio Blu

Selvaggio Blu - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Enjoy the challenge of Europes most famous Mediteranean costal trek and immerse yourself in some of the most beautiful natural environments on the planet.

Perfect for group or corporate outings.

Be all you can be - Selvaggio Blu

Defined as the most demanding trek in Italy, Selvaggio Blu is maybe also the most original and most beautiful. Situated between the glorious Mediteranean sea and high rocky planes of Golgo this trek offers paths and situations unreplicated anywhere else in Europe.

Seven days of isolation in the Supramonte of Baunei that leaves an idelible mark in the mind of travellers and adventurers alike.

The cost of trekking Selvaggio Blu includes any neccessary internal transfers from airport to Baunei (Rifugio Carta); the guide (GAE) for the trek; overnight accommodations in traditional lodgings; breakfasts, lunches and dinners, all of which consists of local produce; equipment for sleeping (inc.tents), equipment for climbing.

Participants of the trek are welcome to bring their own sleeping equipment if prefered.

A sturdy pair of trekking shoes is advisable for the undertaking of this trek.

Not included in the price is the cost to and from Sardegna.

Trek Selvaggio Blu functions for groups of 6 - 12 persons.

Period of trekking is decided upon reservation of the trek.



Arrive in Sardegna (if not already here) and transfer in minibus or landrover to Rifugio Carta where lunch is served along with a welcome greeting. In the afternoon you tackle the first section of the journey prevailing the slopes of "Us Piggius" to "Pedra Longa".

A transfer back to Rifugio Carta awaits you where dinner and overnight accommodation is found.


After an early breakfast you are transfered in a jeep / 4x4 vehicle to "Punta Gennirco" where you start the true trekking of Selvaggio Blu. You'll head off across "Punta Giradili" along the peaks and stacks of Monte Santo crossing "Bacu Tenadili" reaching "Portu Pedrosu" where you'll be rewarded with a dip in the fresh springs and pools.

After a deverved rest you prepare the evening's campsite.

This day's excursion takes approx. 6h and is considered quite demanding with a height difference of +210m, a progression of 7km and a rope-climbing grade 4.


Early departure from your camp in the direction of "Punto Silanas" crossing Porto Cuau, Tolberu Bacu, Masonearone Serradargius, Sonnuli Fenostrainos, Girove Gonana, Su Runcu, Pressu Silanas.

During this section you'll see the old shepherds huts, still used today as shelter from changing weather conditions during off-summer months. Arriving at Punto Silanas you'll be treated to a brilliant panoramic view of the Golf of Orosei running north to Cala Gonone and beyond, visit the famous Cuile Silanas, constructed at a very unusual position.

You'll continue to the beautiful Cala Goloritzè where you can enjoy a swim in the truly magnificent waters at the cove then trek back in the same direction for Bacu Linnalbus where a jeep awaits to transfer you to "Al Coile Irbidossili". Dinner is served in the form of typical roasted meat over an open fire.

This day's excursion takes approx. 8h and is considered quite demanding with a height difference of +570m and a progression of 8km. There is no rope work.


Departing "Al Coile Irbidossili" crossing Bacu Goloritzè to reach Boladina, from the top of which you can admire the old huts of S'Arcu de Su Tasaru along the Serra Latone and Bacu Mutaloro Su Feilau. This section of the journey finds oneself unwinding and relaxing, harmonising with the exceptional environment around you while progressing steadily through it.

Dinner and overnight rest in the location of Ololbitzi.

The day's excursion takes approx. 8h and is considered demanding with a height difference of +900m, a progression of 8km and a rope-climbing grade 4.


Departing Ololbitzi for Cala Sisine passing through and across the ancient paths of the territory's old coalmen, reaching "Ovile Piddi" where you find the rope descent that overlooks the Forest of Biriola. Alternatively one can pass to the stunning little beach of Biriola using the steps made by the shepherds. From here you can follow along the foresty paths until arriving at the impressive open cove of Sisine. Dinner and overnight stay at "Ristorante Su Coile" situated approx. 150m from the beach. Alternatively you have the option to set up camp on the beach itself.

This day's excursion is considered demanding, is approx. 6h, a progression of 6km, has a height difference of +150m and a rope-climbing grade 4.


This section of the journey passes through some of the best natural conditions you'll find of the whole trek. Along the way to Cala Luna you'll be given the opportunity to visit some of the oldest and well preserved shepherds huts in the entire Supramonte. After resting at the beach of Cala Luna, in the afternoon you'll tread the mighty trail of the Codula Luna until reaching a jeep which transfers you back to Rifugio Carta.

An evening dinner of sumptuous quality and feast like proportions will help you celebrate whilst reccollecting your acheivements of the previous epic few days travelling across one of europes most awe inspiring pieces of territory.

This day's excursion is considered to be quite easy going, is approx. 8h, has a height difference of +600m and a progression of 16km. There is no rope work.


This last day can be be organised in different ways and you are given a choice whether or not to participate.

You will have the option, as a group, to take a small boat from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Gonone where you can admire the beautiful coast of Orosei from the sea. Lunch is taken at Cala Gonone.

Alternatively you can visit the fascinating little town of Orgosolo, famous for its political murales which tattoo the walls of almost the whole town. After visiting Orgosolo there is a transfer to a typical and traditional premises where you'll make your farewells before embarking on your homeward journey.

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