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Adventures in snorkelling

Snorkelling is a great holiday past time and the clear waters of the Ogliastran coast are an ideal environment for novices and enthusiasts alike. 

STS has compiled this list as a rough guide to give you an idea of what you can expect at the bays and beaches inc. details of depth and where to find the best underwater environments.
  • Cala Luna: Medium depth waters with quite a strong current, some foliage 50m off shore, best interest is to the right with good rockage extending around the bay perimeter. Be aware of boats docking on the right hand side.
  • Cala Sisina: Medium to rapid depth waters with good rockage both ends of the beach, more foliage to the left, not much interest directly infront.
  • Cala Biriola: To be added soon.
  • Punta Ispuligi: To be added soon
  • Cala Mariolu: Rapid depth waters with quick access to good rockage and foliage, both left and right of the beach are extensive rocks so there is plenty to explore.
  • Cala Goloritzè: Rapid depth waters with plenty of rocks and foliage evenly scattered, best interest is to the left. Water can get milky from mid-september.
  • Capo Monte Santo: To be added soon
  • Pedralonga: Rocky waters in this area offer plenty of variation of underwater life. The waters are of medium to rapid depth with a fair swell in the afternoon making this preferable to confident swimmers. There is no real beach here, just continuous rocky stop points leading directly into the crystal waters of the Med making entry and exit into the water a little tricky.
  • Santa Maria Navarrese: Medium depth waters, good rockage and foliage left and right of the beach, plenty to see infront of the shoreline too, best interest is around the rocks of the Tower of S.M.Navarrese which is to the left of the beach.
  • Lotzorai: Medium to rapid depth waters, not much directly infront of the shoreline, some rockage and foliage to the far left of the beach. Best interest is a few metres infront of the shore or the Little Island of Ogliastra at roughly 1.2km from the shore, it is swimmable but there are paddle boats available for hire on the beach.
  • Girasole: Medium depth waters, small pockets of foliage to see but little else. Again the best interest is the Little Island of Ogliastra but it is almost 3km from the shore.
  • Cala Morescu: Shallow to medium depth waters, lots of rock extending around the perimeters either side of this tight little bay ensures plenty of exploring to be had.
  • Bay of Porto Frailis: Shallow waters with extensive rocks either side of the beach, plenty to explore and lots of room to do it in. Best interest are the rocks towards the Tower of San Gemiliano to the right of the bay.
  • Bay of San Gemiliano: Medium depth waters with good rockage to the left and nice foliage some 20m infront of the shore. Best interest is towards the Tower of San Gemiliano on the left with plenty of rockage to explore.
  • Lido di Orri: The delightful shallow waters of the smaller bays at the south end of the beach offer some of the most enjoyable and safest snorkelling in the area. The long stretch of beach leading to the bays offers small pockets of rock and folliage. Best interest are the rocks at the south end of the beach which lead to smaller bays. Here you can find extensive rock leading 200m from the shore. There is plenty in these bays for all the family to enjoy.
  • Foxilioni: Beautiful shallow waters across three bays interspersed with rocks infront and at both ends of the beaches. Lots of exploring here! Both the south end and the north end offer great underwater rockage!
  • Golfetto: Beautiful shallow waters interspersed nicely with rocky areas, best interest is the south end where the rocks stretch out into slightly deeper waters.
  • Cea: Shallow to medium depth waters, nice red rock formation at the north end of the beach, best interest are the rocks at the south end of the beach which extend beyond the bay perimeter offering plenty to explore.
  • Torre di Bari: (north end, left of the tower) medium to rapid depth waters, best interest far left where you find good foliage and rock, and around the tower although the waters are deeper here.
  • Torre di Bari: (south end, right of the tower) rapid depth waters best suited to confident swimmers, best interest around the tower with great rockage and foliage to explore. The right side of the tower is far more user friendly for snorkelling than the left. The beaches of Barisardo stretch south for a couple of kilometers to Sa Perda Pera and offer little for snorkelling away from the tower.
  • Museddu: Coming soon
  • Perda: Coming soon
  • Marina of Gairo: Coming soon
  • Su Sirboni: A beautiful sandy beach with a certain amount of exclusivity due to its access along the short rocky path. Clear shallow waters in all three sections offer perfect conditions with semi submerged red rocks providing interesting snorkelling.
  • Coccorrocci: Rapid depth waters, plenty of rockage to explore beyond the beach to the south, best interest is the foliage approx. 200m from the shore although this is best suited to confident swimmers.
  • Foxi Manna: Coming soon
  • Marina di Tertania: Coming soon
This information is correct at time of writing
STS emphasises the neccessity of safety when offering advice about sea activities
Please be aware of changing weather conditions and DO NOT attempt to swim in heavy or rough seas
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