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Su Sterru (Baunei)

A natural sinkhole, this fascinating abyss is apparently the deepest of its kind in Europe!
Location: High plains of Golgo (near the rest point of Su Porteddu and the nature trail to Goloritzè)
How to get there:
By Car from Tortoli follow the main road SS125 north to Baunei, after entering Baunei continue for approx 500m and follow the signs on the right hand side to Church Of San Piedro and Golritzè. The road leads up and over onto the plataeu of Golgo, it is very well sign posted so you shouldn't miss it. Continue until arriving at the signpost to Goloritzè which takes you right, along an untidy track until you arrive at a small clearing on the left some few hundred metres later. Here there is a path and signs that lead you to Su Sterru.

Su Sterru (Voragine del Golgo) is a natural sinkhole, the opening of which sits tucked away on the plains of Golgo. Roughly 20m wide at the top, 40m wide at the bottom and 270m deep, it is said to have originated by the chemical and mechanical action of the rain waters called "Karst-Phenomenon". The top is surrounded by trees, plants and shrubland and there is a fence circling the entrance to prevent accidental plunge but a viewing platform allows safe spectating. Information boards in English, French and German give insight into its incredible history.

Guided absailing and climbing excursions are available to Su Sterru. 
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