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Location: Central - North-west Ogliastra (18km from the sea)

How to get there:

  • From the south take the SS125 north to Tortoli, continue past Tortoli staying on the SS125 until arriving in Lotzorai where you turn left onto the SP56 which takes you Talana.
  • From Nuoro take the main road SS389 south following signs to Lanusei, continue until reaching the left turn to "Cantoniera Pirra e Onni", which is an old railway house. This is quite a large jucntion and the house can be seen from the raod so you shouldn't miss it. After turning left off the SS389 the road splits left and right after only 200m and you must turn right here. Contiue for about 2.5 – 3km and turn left. This road is quite long and climbs high through open territory and grazing lands before arriving at a "crossroads" at which you continue ahead until the winding descent to Talana. Great valleys and mountainous views are seen here and the views are awesome but take a wrong turn and you could be driving around for hours. A fantastic drive but do concentrate on the raod.


  • Talana is a rewarding site, situated high on the slopes of the high plains of north -west Ogliastra. Its little streets and houses perfectly sum up traditional Ogliastran living although the territory offers more for the tourist regarding things to see and do than the town itself. Many nuragic sites are accessible which include tombs and towers, various nature paths snake through the woods of the area so if you enjoy exploring and trekking then this area of Ogliastra is perfect for you as there are the adventurous treks of Monte Olinie and Punta Mundugiu to enjoy.

Points of interest:

  • Mount Olinie
  • Baccu Sa Figu (waterfall)
  • Nuragic sites
  • Monte Olinie
  • Forests of Padente Mannu and Serra Longa
  • Punta Mundugiu
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