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The Beaches of Ogliastra

Guide to the Beaches

The coast of Ogliastra is roughly 75km long and includes some very impressive beaches along the way. This list is a rough guide as to what to expect when visiting these beaches. It gives details of water depth, refreshment areas, accessibility and much more.

It starts in North Ogliastra with the Gulf of Orosei, continues south through the mid-section from Santa Maria Navarrese to the Marina of Barisardo and finishes with the Marinas of Gairo and Tertenia respectively.

All of the beaches and bays are areas of natural beauty, some greater than others, so please treat the environment with respect and dispose of any litter in the proper manner. Please be aware of changing sea conditions that are affected by the weather.  Please DO NOT attempt swim in rough or heavy sea conditions as you could find yourself in unneccessary danger.

STS sincerely wishes you a safe and pleasant stay.

The Gulf of Orosei

The Gulf of Orosei - STS Sardinian Tourist Services
Cala Luna - Cala Sisine - Cala Biriola - Punta Ispuligi - Cala Mariolu - Cala Goloritzè - Capo Monte Santo - Pedralonga

Mid-Coast Ogliastra (north)

Mid-Coast Ogliastra (north) - STS Sardinian Tourist Services
Santa Maria Navarrese - Lotzorai - Girasole - Cala Moresca - Bay of Porto Frailis - Bay of San Gemiliano     

Mid-Coast Ogliastra (south)

Mid-Coast Ogliastra (south) - STS Sardinian Tourist Services
Lido of Orri - Foxilioni - Beach of Golfetto - Beach of Cea - Marina of Barisardo - Beach Museddu - Beach Perda

South Coast Ogliastra

South Coast Ogliastra - STS Sardinian Tourist Services
Marina of Gairo - Su Sirboni - Coccorrocci - Foxi Manna - Marina of Tertenia
STS Sardinian Tourist Services

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Somewhere to stay?

STS Sardinian Tourist Services

Excursions - Golfo di Orosei

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Local Agriturismi

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