Tiscali Archeological Site (arriving from Oliena)

Tiscali Archeological Site (arriving from Oliena) - STS Sardinian Tourist Services


DIFFICULTY: E - Experienced Trekkers


LENGTH: To be updated


START POINT: Parking area - (Ref. 40°14'50.26"N - 9°29'30.53"E)

ARRIVAL POINT: Archeological site of Tiscali


PATH CONDITIONS: Dusty, stoney and rocky trails. Shaded in parts. Ascending to the actual site of Tiscali, descending for the return

HOW TO GET THERE: From Tortoli take the SS198 to Lanusei, continue for 2km before turning right onto the SP27 following directions for Villagrande Strisaili. The road climbs for several kilometers before you turn left following signs to Nuoro and the SS389. You avoid the little mountain town of Villagrande Strisaili and continue to climb until arriving at the T-junction at the end of the road. There is a caffè on the right hand side for refreshments. Turn right here onto the SS389 following signs to Nuoro. Continue all the way to Nuoro until turning off onto the SP22 following signs to Oliena. The first slip road to Oliena leads you to a roundabout, you continue ahead following the signs for Tiscali. You don't enter the town of Oliena. Go straight ahead at that roundabout, after 2km the road joins the SP46. Continue for approx.4.7km until turning right following signs to Tiscali. Continue on this back road for approx. 2.3km until turning right and ascending the track around the big rock. Continue for approx.4.4km turning left at the fork which takes you down a wide, tree lined track. At the end the track swings right then sharp left. Continue for another 1.5km on the rough trail which takes you through the trees to your parking area

THE TREK: From the parking track you walk north on the wide dusty trail for approx.500m with the biggest cliff kind of infront of you and to your right. At the end swing right and right again and continue ahead for approx.1.5km ascending the rocky trail up the dry riverbed. You are now heading towards the archeological site of Tiscali. Keep going until you arrive at the right hand turn in the trail which takes you up, up, up eventually to Tiscali. There are some beautiful views behind you the higher you climb and the closer you get to the site. Upon arrival you can choose to go down into the site or continue the trek ahead and over the site basically traversing its large rocky roof. The trail drags left over to the far side and you arrive near the edge overlooking the glorious valley (pictured). Head to the left and continue along the narrow rocky trail with the drop on your right hand side. The trail arrives at a large fracture in the rock through which you must continue. Once out the other side the trail begins to descend and you zig-zag your way down through the trees until the dusty trail opens up on the long descent back to the trees and the parking area

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Map recommended. Refreshment points at the national park entrance. Archeological sites, caves and other points of interest accessible. €5 entry fee to actual Tiscali site although the trails for walking are free. Glorious valley views, excellent adventure trails particularly leading to and from the archeological site of Tiscali. Very rewarding walking

ATTENTION: Map recommended. The parking area can be difficult to find and the wide, dusty track to it can be a little uncomfortable in a car. Visiting this area requires a full day's excursion so be sure to start early. An alternative trekking route to Tiscali is accessible from Dorgali

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