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Typical Products

Typical Products of Sardegna

Welcome to the STS guide to local and typical produce.
Given below are some of the things available to eat and drink when visiting Ogliastra. Many of the items can be sampled at town festivals, in restaurants or bought directly from small local stores or supermarkets. There is also information about souvenirs.
We have added photographs to the description to give you an idea of what the product looks like.
We hope that you find this little list informative and helpful. If you would like to correct any of the information or add to the list then please do not hesitate to contact STS

Sughero - Cork (souvenir)

Cork is abundant in Sardegna and grows on the outside of the cork trees like a bark, is peeled off in manageable pieces and used in many cork based products like table mats, shoes and figurines as souvenirs

Sebadas or Seadas (dessert)

Fried, round pastry parcels with pecorino cheese in the middle, often served hot as a desert with honey drizzled over the top. Tasty and moorish.

Ricotta (cheese)

Soft, white cheese, made from sheeps milk is mild in flavour and strangely refreshing on the palate. Often cut into cubes and eaten with bread and salads.

Pistoccu (bread)

Sardinian bread, flat and thin, often rectangular, can be softened with water and used as a "wrap", best drizzled with oil and slightly salted then baked again, or eaten straight from the packet upon purchase.

Pecorino (cheese)

A medium flavoured, medium hard cheese made from sheeps milk.

Pardulas (dessert)

Soft cup-cake stlye sponges that sit seperately in pastry baskets, sometimes served with decorative sweets or just plain.

Paniscedda (dessert)

Sardinia's very own fruitcake style bread, a little similar to the malt loaf of the UK, with raisins, nuts and fruit peel, served at room temperature and decorated with almonds and "hundreds and thousands".

Pani Pintau (bread)

Traditional bread, quite hard in consistency, often very decorative and shaped to many points. Eaten with pasta and meat dishes to soak up juices and sauces.

Pabassinas (dessert)

Fairly soft, small cake-like sweet made with chopped nuts and dried fruits, usually cut into diamond shape and topped with a little icing and hundreds and thousands.

Olive Oil

Olives are grown all over Sardegna, they are picked from the trees in winter, pressed at the local olive press and stored in large metal drums before being bottled. It is sold in many shops and is used in cooking as an accompaniment to salads, breads and many other foods.

Mirto (drink)

A strong, dark, sweet, alcoholic sipping liquor made from the berry of the Mirto bush that grows all over Sardegna. It is generally drunk after meals as a "digestivo".
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