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Urthaddala (Urzulei)

High Plains of Urzulei to Urthaddala Pools (Urzulei High Plains)

High Plains of Urzulei to Urthaddala Pools (Urzulei High Plains) - STS Sardinian Tourist Services

MAP REFERENCE: Urzulei and Dorgali

DIFFICULTY: E - Experienced Trekkers Path




START POINT: First parking area on the left hand side on the high plains of Urzulei

ARRIVAL POINT: The pools of Urthaddala

INDICATIONS: Yes - Signposts and rock piles

PATH CONDITIONS: Stoney shepherds tracks with some shaded areas

HOW TO GET THERE: From Tortoli take the main road SS125 north passing through Lotzorai continuing onto the ascending mountain road. Continue through the mountain town of Baunei and follow the road for approx.18.5km until turning left onto the scary looking mountain road opposite the old museum and nature centre. Follow this road all the way around the huge rock (which should now be on your right). You should be seeing some glorious views of the Uzulei territory to your left. Once around the other side of the rock the road opens up onto a flat plain (pictured) that stretches infront of you for a couple of kilometers. The road becomes a wide dusty trail so if you trust your vehicle you can take it beyond the hill in the distance and continue for another kilometer before parking and continuing on foot. Otherwise park at the first signposts before walking across the flat plain

THE TREK: Keep the high sloping rock (pictured) on your right hand side. Continue on the wide dusty trail across the plain, go over the hill at the end and continue around the bends for almost 2km (20minutes) until arriving at the signpost and right turn on the trail. Turn right here and continue for approx. 500m before following the left hand trail around the bends, past the old goat pens and into the wooded area. Continue ahead for approx. 2.5km (50minutes) following the shepherds trail that passes the old wooden huts and traverses the slope. This trail reaches a point of descent that requires careful attention to see the "cairns" (small piles of rocks) which act as trail markers. ** Ultimately if you continue down and north along the trail you eventually arrive at the back entrance to the big canyon of Gorropu passing the natural springs and pools along the way. This section of the trail is quite long and can be a little tiring on the return journey. The trail descends to the pools and continues over sparse rocky ground to the back of the canyon of Gorropu.

**It is possible turn right, leaving the trail behind, to ascend the large rock which offers magnificent views of the territory from the top. You can follow the crest of Silana all the way back to the dusty flat plain and the parking area. This last section requires careful attention due to the fact that there is no actual path but it offers the most adventure and the best panoramic views.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Beautiful panoramic views of Urzulei town and territory, native wildlife (goats, pigs, cows, deer and horses) roaming free, wild heather and native fauna growing beside the path

ATTENTION: LOOK OUT FOR THE SMALL PILES OF STONES WHICH ACT AS MARKERS along certain parts of the trail in the woods. They are strategically put on top of larger rocks and follow the general direction in which you are walking. Please be aware that from June to late September the pools may be dry

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