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Location: North Ogliastra (14km from the sea)

How to get there:

  • From the south take the main road SS125 north to Tortoli, continue past Tortoli, Girasole, through Lotzorai, past Santa Maria Navarrese and ascend the mountain road until arriving at Baunei. Continue through Baunei following signs to Dorgali until turning left onto the SP37 to Urzulei. These roads are high and offer fantastic views of several kilometres of Ogliastra but it is very importent to stay focused on the roads as the territory has free-roaming animals.
  • From Nuoro take the SS129 east towards Orosei, turn right onto the SP38 at La Traversa following signs to Dorgali. Take the SS125 upon entering Dorgali and continue south until turning right onto the SP37 to Urzulei. Although quite a long journey it rewards you with beautiful views of Ogliastra. Be aware of free-roaming animals on the high roads.


  • The town itself sits amoung many high rocky peaks of north Ogliastra. Walking and trekking are popular activities in these parts and is encapsulated in the magnificent Canyon of Gorroppu which crosses the into the territory of Nuoro. The nuragic village of Or Murales and the tombs of S'Arena Fennao are impressive archeoligical sites of Urzulei.

Points of interest:

  • Canyon of Gurroppu
  • Nuragic Village Or Murales
  • Tombs of S'Arena Fennao
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