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Location: West Ogliastra (24km from the sea)

How to get there:

  • Because of Ussassai's position in Ogliastra getting there is both rewarding and arduous.
  • From Cagliari take the SS387 north until arriving at San Andrea Frius, continue through on the SS547 heading towards Senorbi and the SS128. Continue north on the SS128 following signs for Mandas. From Mandas continue for approx. 5Km until the road splits, head east (right) here on the SS198 towards Sadali and Ogliastra and ultimately Ussassai. The SS198 continues for some kilometres through Seui and onto Ussassi. This is quite a long journey but it does take in some beautiful parts of Cagliari and Ogliastra.
  • From Nuoro take the main road SS389 towards Lanusei until the junction for the SS198 to Gairo, the road enters the edge of Gairo briefly then turns away, continue on the SS198 down and across the valley and back up the other side past Gairo Taquisara, past the Ussassai station for the Little Green Train and towards the town of Ussassai itself.


  • Sitting high in the mountainous territory western Ogliastra, Ussassai oozes charm and tradition. The land surrounding this small town offers great walking opportunities as it climbs and falls west, to north Cagliari.
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