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Churches of Ogliastra

Ogliastra, as with Sardinia, is steeped in catholicism. There are churches old and modern but each quite individual. They are the focal point of many festivals and play an important role in the lives of the towns folk.

 A Guide to the Churches of Ogliastra

Like mainland Italy and Sardinia itself, Ogliastra is predominately catholic. The churches play a leading roll in the lives of its inhabitants from Sunday service to the celebration of Saints during town festivals. Some towns have two or three churches but with only the viewable ruins remaining of the oldest ones and those that have not been restored. Many churches hold statues or works of art that can be freely viewed. As is common with catholic churches the holy mass is open to everyone to attend


The list below is a rough guide to the churches of Ogliastra and is structured alphabetically by the names of the towns

Arzana: Church of San Giovanni Batiste (600s), Church of San Martino (1900's), Church of San Vincenzo Ferreri (15th century), Church of San Giovanni (on the border of Elini), Church of San Cristoforo (on the borders of Elini, Ilbono and Lanusei)

Baunei: Church of Saint Nicholas (Saint Nicholas of Bari) (17th century)


Cardedu: Church of Saint Paul the Apostle (1970's), Ancient Church of the Madonna (710-1015 AD)

Elini: Church of San Gavino (1952), Church of the Virgin of the Carmine

Gairo: Church of the Holy Spirit (Gairo Vecchio) (only ruins remain), Church of the Holy Spirit (new Gairo), Church of San Lussorio, Church of Our Lord of Buon Cammino


Jerzu: Church of Sant’Erasmo (1950s), Church of San Sebastiano (Cuccureddu) (demolished 1958), Church of Sant’Antonio di Padova (1700's), Church of the Madonna of Thanksgiving (Pelau Mannu) (1710)


Loceri: Church of Saint Peter the Apostle (1712), Church of the Sacred Heart (1951), Church of San Bachisio (1600's)


Osini: Church of San Giorgio (1500's)
Perdasdefogu: Church of San Sebastiano (850AD) (restored in 1990)

Santa Maria Navarrese:

Seui: Church of Madonna del Carmelo (Arcueri) (1920), Church of San Giovanni, Church of Santa Lucia (1600's), Church of San Cristoforo (1300's), Church of San Sebastiano and Santa Barbara

Talana: Church of Santa Marta (800-900AD), Church of Sant’Efisio (1700’s)

Tertenia: Church of the Blessed Virgin, Church of Saint Theresa of Avila, Saint Peter's church, Saint Sofia's church (Mount Giulea)

Tortoli: Church of San Salvatore, Church of San Gemiliano

Triei: Church of Sa Cosma e Damiano (1500's), Church of Sant’Antonio (Mullò) (1600's), Church of San Pietro (1900's)

Ulassai: Church of Saint Sebastian (1776), Church of Saint Barbara (1950's), Church of Saint George (Quirra)

Urzulei: Church of Sant’Antonio (1500's), Church of San Basilio Magno (1960's), Church of San Giorgio (6th century although twice restored)

Ussassai: Church of Saint the Baptist (1649), Church of San Salvatore (1100's), Church of San Gerolamo (only ruins remain)

Villagrande: Church of San Gabriel Arcangelo (1700's), Church of San Michele Arcangelo (Villanova)

Villagrande Strisaili:



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