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Ogliastra the New Privince

Welcome to the STS guide to Ogliastra.

Ogliastra is a relatively new province gaining its own status in 2005 when Sardinia split into 8 regions.
In total, twenty four towns are included in our provincial guide. The region boasts impressive natural environments both inland and on the coast.

Amoung some of the most impressive sights to visit are the Cave of Su MarmuriLa Scala di San GiorgioPerda e'LianaPedra LongaNuraghe SerbisiNuraghe SceriIl Bosco di Selene, Lake Flumendosa, Cala GoloritzeCala Sisine and Cala Luna.

At its furthest points the area has a latitude of approximately 72km and a longitude of 34km and borders Nuoro to the north - northwest, Cagliari to the south - southwest.

This guide offers information about geographics and landmarks amoung other things specific to the towns.
Distance from the sea is given in kilometres and is taken as a direct path as opposed to the distance via the roads.

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