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Olivastri (The Wild Olive Tree)

Location: Santa Maria Naverrese 

A huge olive tree, almost 1000 years old, its wide healthy foliage like a giant fist from Mother Nature herself!

How to get there:
From Tortoli take the main road SS125 north towards Orosei, pass the first two towns of Girasole and Lotzorai, continue for approx. 1km until the sign for Santa Maria Naverrese, turn right here and follow the road into the little town. The old olive tree is situated behind the towns white church which sits just twenty metres from the beach.

What can we say about a tree that is almost 1000 years old? Considered one of the oldest trees in Europe it has been protected from the salty east wind for several decades by the old church it sits next to. It stands at roughly ten metres tall with a wide round bloom stretching out from the thick trunk. The tree was struck by lightening and has a great crack running through it but it lives on and has become a little treasure for the pretty coastal town of Santa Maria Navarrese.

Additional information:
There is no charge to see this tree although a small fence around it permits the visitor to actually touch it.

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