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Natural Monuments

Discover the Natural Monuments with StS Ogliastra

Millenia have shaped Ogliastra geologically into what it is today and there is plenty of natural wonder and amazement on show

Su Sterru

Location: Baunei, High plains of Golgo (near the rest point of Su Porteddu and the nature trail to Goloritzè)

A natural sinkhole, this fascinating abyss is apparently the deepest of its kind in Europe

Rocce Rossi (Red Rocks)

Location: Arbatax 

Rising triumphantly out of the sea, this triangular red brute is the geologic celebrity of Arbatax!

Scala di San Giorgio

Location: Osini 

Standing proud along the fabulous winding roads of Osini's backland this giant rocky finger is imposing! 

Perda 'e Liana

Location: Territory of Gairo 

This giant splintered rock punches vertically through the top of a mount to create a landmark seen from miles away!

Punta Goloritzé

Location: Baunei, Gulf of Orosei 

Like a huge exclamation mark of stone pin-pointing one of the most beautiful places on the Mediteranean!

Olivastri (The Wild Olive Tree)

Location: Santa Maria Naverrese 

A huge olive tree, almost 1000 years old, its wide healthy foliage like a giant fist from Mother Nature herself!

Pedra Longa

Location: Coast of Baunei

Unforgiving rock meets dreamy waters, this jagged pointed plinth is big at 128m high and proud of it!

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