Sa Portiscra

Location: Urzulei (near Silana)

How to get there:
From Tortoli follow the main road SS125 north towards Dorgali and Olbia, ascend the road and continue through Baunei, after several kilometres continue past the sign on the left of the road to Urzulei, after several more kilometres you will arrive at the Hotel Silana on the right hand side of the road. Continue past the hotel for approx. 5km until arriving at the right hand turn for Sa Portiscra.
From Dorgali head south on the main road SS125 for approx. 14 km until arriving at the left hand turn for Sa Portiscra.

From the old oak forests to the rare wild orchids, Sa Portiscra is a haven for nature lovers.
Departing the main road SS125 between Tortoli and Dorgali it is possible to drive or walk the 2km to the staffed hut of Sa Portiscra. Next to the hut is the sercured area where the reintroduction of the Sardinian Red Deer is in process, they wander close to the veiwing gallery for good photo oportunities.
A circular path of 4-5km is accessible in the reserve and the route takes you to a beautiful panoramic point and to the remains of the nuragic village "Or Murales", leading back to the hut next to the Red Deer.
Amoung the animlas you are able to find here are wild sheep and boar, wild cats and foxes, the Sardinian goshawk and even golden eagles. As is the usually the case these animals are most active early morning and evening.
This location was chosen as the site for the reintroduction of the Supramonte Sardinian deer, after its extinction occurred here in early 1900.
There is also the chance to visit the nuragic village "Or Murals", with about 100 huts in good condition and kept hidden in the vegetation, it is one of the largest and most spectacular archeologic sites of Sardinia.
The whole area is surrounded by excellent views where you can see the impressive Gorge of Gorropu and the limestone range that dominates the Codula of Luna up to the Gulf of Orosei.

Additional Information:
€5 for entry to the reserve
Guided tours with lunch available upon request and pre-booking (groups of 10 - 12)
Feeding of the animals is not permitted
Access to the path to Cala Luna
Parking area
Hotel and camping available at nearby Silana
Guided excursions to the nature reserve and archeological site are available through Archeobus

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