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The Little Green Train

STS Ogliastra - Official Green Point train

STS Ogliastra - Official Green Point train - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

STS Ogliastra
Information point 
Ticket office of the Trenino Verde Arbatax

Discover the Trenino Verde and its territories with us
With us thousands of people have been able to travel on this
unique vehicle that makes you savor the real Sardinia, with its thousands
aspects: breathtaking nature, genuine dishes, hospitality and that pinch of
adventure that never hurts.
You have plenty of opportunities ahead of you and we will guide you in
choice of the day that best suits your needs.

What is the Green Train of Sardinia?

What is the Green Train of Sardinia? - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

"Let's take the secondary school train, ...

wherever it goes"

(David H. Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia, 1921)

The Trenino Verde is not a simple train, but one of the best ways to discover the uncontaminated landscapes of the island, through fascinating routes in the heart of Sardinia, in a timeless journey that will captivate you.

"Trenino" because it is a smaller vehicle than "ordinary" trains and uses a narrow gauge line.

"Green" because for long stretches the train travels through wild landscapes, where the presence of man is not felt and the green of the woods envelops the train as it travels.

The green train is the railway service managed and promoted by the former Ferrovie della Sardegna, now part of the ARST (Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti), which by providing a wide range of historical means of locomotion allow you to face a fascinating journey along suggestive and uncontaminated places. throughout Sardinia.

The Lines of the Green Train of Sardinia

The Lines of the Green Train of Sardinia - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Ferrovie della Sardegna has two types of lines:
- the local public transport line (in red) 
- the tourist lines (in green)

On the first type of line, services are carried out all year round, to meet normal mobility needs. of the local population. While in the second type of lines, the tourist ones, journeys are made by rental train or scheduled at different times of the year, which varies depending on the line.

The tourist lines are:

  • The Mandas - Arbatax
• The Isili - Arise
• The Macomer - Bosa
• The Nulvi - Tempio – Palau


 For the 2022 season many lines are still interrupted due to works along the line, which is why the sections that can be traveled today are as follows:

The Arbatax - Gairo Taquisara
• The Mandas - Sadali - Seui
• The Mandas - Isili - Laconi
• The Laconi - Arise
• The Palau – Temple
• The Bosa – Macomer

Mandas Arbatax is certainly the longest line but also the most interesting. The services of the STS are concentrated on this line.

Scheduled trains

Scheduled trains - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

During the summer period (roughly from mid-June to midSeptember), the line is active every day, except Tuesdays, with a train that leaves from Arbatax and one that leaves from Mandas, giving the possibility, in full autonomy , to organize a daily or multi-day trip, all along the line. Below we propose the daily itineraries that can be associated, even individually, to the train journey. These programs can also be useful as a valid starting point for those wishing to organize group travel with rental trains

The proposals of STS Ogliastra with the Trenino Verde of Sardinia

The proposals of STS Ogliastra with the Trenino Verde of Sardinia - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

STS Ogliastra will be happy to help you your personalized trips, recommending the itinerary that best suits your needs and providing you with all the various possibilities thanks to our close collaboration with all the operators who offer the various services along the line.



Choose your ideal line and discover all the possibilities:

Arbatax - Gairo Line:

• Memory Tour
• Tour of the Gennargentu
• Tour of Tacchi 

Seui Line:
• Mississipi Boat Tour - Stop in Villanovatulo
• Tour of the Villages - Stop in Sadali, the town of water
• Historical Tour - Stop in Seui with the museum circuit

Mandas - Laconi Line:
• Sacred Tour and - Stop in Laconi
• Tour del Pastore - Stop in Belvi
• Tour between costumes and candles - Stop in Desulo Palau

Sassari Line:
• Boat Tour and millenary olive trees – Stop at Lake Liscia Bosa -

Macomer Line:
• Tour of Flavors

Trains for hire

Trains for hire - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Throughout the year, the means available to the Sardinian Railway can be hired, thus creating a personalized journey, both in the choice of the convoy and in the choice of itineraries, timetables and stops along the line.

The price of the train journey depends on the type of vehicle and service requested.

Here is the list of the historical train fleet that can be used on rental:
• The Ade and Adm diesel powered rail cars (with 55 seats)
• Lde diesel locomotives and V2d model carriages (with 72 seats)
• The 1913 Baucchiero vintage carriages (with 48 seats)
• The Breda Steam Locomotive

(However, the steam locomotive cannot be used in the summer period, due to regional fire prevention legislation.

The STS will be happy to help you in the organization of your personalized trips, recommending the most suitable itinerary for your needs and making all the various possibilities offered available to you, thanks to our close collaboration with all the operators who offer the different services throughout the line. For any type of additional information please contact us without obligation.



We look forward to helping you
to organize your ideal holiday.

Where and how to book:

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Via Lungomare - 08048 Arbatax

Tel. +39 393.9303736 (also whatsapp)