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Arbatax - Gairo line 2022

Route from Arbatax to Gairo

Route from Arbatax to Gairo - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

The section that goes from Arbatax to Gairo is part of the original Arbatax - Mandas line, which with its 159 km, is the longest tourist line in Italy, as well as the longest narrow-gauge in Europe.


At the moment this is broken into two sections for some works that are taking place along its section, so as to create two distinct lines, which from Mandas goes towards Seui (see line Mandas-Sadali-Seui 2022) and from Arbatax up to Gairo, with a distance of 62 km.


This line will allow you to start from the splendid Ogliastra coast up to its wild and uncontaminated hinterland, thus allowing you to know and explore the truest and most evocative part of our territory. The starting point is the small station on the port of Arbatax and in a slow climb it reaches the town of Lanusei, continuing to the Flumendosa lake and then crossing an area rich in vegetation.


Its speed allows you to fully savor the passages offered between the heels of limestone, the bridges, the period stations and the roadside houses. The whole line offers a succession of unique landscapes, a corner of Sardinia that you will not be able to forget.

Calendar from Arbatax to Gairo Taquisara 2022

Calendar from Arbatax to Gairo Taquisara 2022 - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Spring 2022 calendar 

From 18 April to 12 June 2022 

Easter Monday April 18, 2022 

Sunday 24 and Monday 25 April 2022 

All Sundays in May 2022 

Sunday 5th and 12th June 2022


Summer 2022 calendar 

From 16 June to 11 September 2022 

Every day from Thursday to Sunday


Autumn 2022 calendar

From 17 September to 25 September 2022

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September 2022

                                                                                                   Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September 2022


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Arbatax-Gairo line: Timetables and fares 2022

Arbatax-Gairo line: Timetables and fares 2022 - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours



One way





 Gairo Taquisara


















Gairo Taquisara 




Subject to change 


Single rate

One Way



€ 15,00

€ 20,00

Boy 4 – 16 anni (excluded)

€ 8,00

€ 12,00

Our proposals with the Green Train of Sardinia 2022

Our proposals with the Green Train of Sardinia 2022 - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Once you arrive at your destination you will have the opportunity to visit an extraordinary territory with our local guides, which will make you taste the real Sardinia. From a naturalistic point of view you can visit caves, natural monuments, lakes, woods and much more. In a few kilometers you will be able to see a territory that is transformed, never leaving you satisfied to look around you, passing from the panoramas of the Tacchi d'Ogliastra to those of the Gennargentu. We will not fail to introduce you to our history and culture, such as the visit of the Ghost Town of Gairo Vecchio, the archaeological sites of Seleni and of course you can have the opportunity to taste our typical products all strictly zero km.


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 - Tour of Tacchi

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Book now your day on the Green Train of Sardinia - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

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