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Aquarium Cala Gonone

Sea life

Opened July 10, 2010 the Aquarium of Cala Gonone is a project by internationally renowned architects Peter Chermayeff and Sebastian Gaias. A structure of modern architecture that integrates seamlessly into the natural scenery of the Gulf of Orosei. The beautiful Mediterranean park that surrounds the aquarium, the reduced visual impact of the work from the sea and the presence of more than three hundred species mostly from the Gulf testify to this philosophy, where typicality and respect for the environment is inextricably married. The 26 display tanks allow you to discover the species typical of Sardinia including some of the most popular tropical fish the area has to offer. The aquarium also boasts contact with stingrays, starfish, sea urchins and hermit crabs in the touch tank.

Knowing is the first step to protect!

The Aquarium of Cala Gonone caters for schools acting as a hub for education to understand more about the main features of our sea and the lives of its inhabitants.

The Pirahna Tank:
The Aquarium of Cala Gonone welcomed the arrival of Piranha fish. The tank has a volume 6,000 liters and recreates a typical South American river, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin of these beautiful fish. Piranhas live in herds perennially in search of their prey and play a very important role in the ecosystem as they mainly attack other fish and small aquatic animals by acting as scavengers, while only rarely attacking humans. When this happens it is usually observed in waters with higher temperatures and during their reproductive period which raises their aggression, but their fame is often unjustified.


  • March: Friday, Saturday, Sunday - From 10:00 to 18:00
  • April - September: Monday to Sunday - From 10:00 to 18:00 (last entry 17:00)
  • October: Tuesday to Sunday - From 10:00 to 18:00 (last entry 17:00)


  • Children 0 - 3 years - Free Entry
  • Children 4 - 12 years € 6,00
  • Adults € 10,00
  • Over 65 € 7,50
  • Family Ticket: 25% Discount
  • Group Discounts: Minimum of 20 persons € 7,50 and one free entry for every 20 persons

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