Memory Tour 2022

A slow journey towards the Ogliastra hinterland

A slow journey towards the Ogliastra hinterland - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Starting with the Trenino Verde of Sardinia from the lovely Arbatax or Tortolì station, you can take a unique journey towards the heels of Ogliastra. You will do it slowly, retracing the old railway, between a succession of small stations and roadside houses, bridges and tunnels, all immersed in the most uncontaminated nature. 

In the first part of the journey the train will slowly climb up the plain of the Tortolì area to Elini, where the landscape is characterized by olive groves and hilly landscapes. 

Once you arrive at Lanusei station, one of the main Ogliastra towns, the train begins to tackle the first important differences in height, and will be forced to spiral in order to then return to the upper part of Lanusei. 

From here the landscape will become mountainous, and you will begin to see many animals in the wild that populate those countryside. 

We will skirt the Flumendosa lake for a very short stretch, before arriving at the slopes of Gennargentu. 

Curve after curve you will arrive at the tiny village of Gairo Taquisara, inhabited by very few people deeply attached to their land.

Arrival in Gairo Taquisara

Arrival in Gairo Taquisara - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Gairo Taquisara is a very small village with just under 200 souls, 800 meters above sea level and is located in a small valley ten kilometers from the town of Gairo Sant'Elena. The services on site are minimal, which is why we offer you a whole series of opportunities to visit this extraordinary area without any problem. 

This old village was an important hub for the complementary Sardinian railways. In fact, another section of the line departed from here, dismantled in 1956, which passed through Osini, Ulassai and Jerzu. 

The small town is characterized by the historic railway station, a mural, the old stone quarry and its numerous caves.

Visit of the ghost town of Gairo Vecchio

Visit of the ghost town of Gairo Vecchio - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Once you arrive in Gairo Taquisara you will be accompanied by our bus to the old village of Gairo Vecchio, which is eight kilometers from the Gairo Taquisara Station, and therefore difficult to reach on foot. 

The town was abandoned in the early 1950s after a series of floods that forced the inhabitants to leave those houses to give life to the new urban centers of Gairo Sant'Elena and Cardedu, hence it has become one of the most interesting ghost towns in Sardinia . 

A place rich in history that has profoundly transformed even that of Ogliastra, but let our local guide tell you about all this.

Tasting of typical products (extra)

Tasting of typical products (extra) - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

For lunch time we will take you, for those who want, with our bus to a refreshment point where we have the opportunity to delight you with a platter of typical products, all strictly zero-kilometer. 

Everything will be served to you surrounded by a relaxing and friendly environment that will make you experience the true Sardinian atmosphere. 

On the cutting board you will find typical Sardinian cold cuts, cheeses, coccoi prena, roast culurgionis, pistoccu with spicy cream and other delicacies, all surrounded by an excellent cannonau wine. 

ATTENTION: The tasting must be ordered when booking the excursion.

Afternoon at Bosco Seleni

Afternoon at Bosco Seleni - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

Those who do not want to take advantage of the tasting will be accompanied by our buses directly to the Seleni forest in the Lanusei area.

This is famous for providing refreshment on hot summer afternoons, thanks to its mild temperatures even on particularly hot days.

Here you will find some picnic spots, a refreshment point where you can have a nice ice cream or a cold drink and to the delight of the little ones a small playground where they can have fun.

Visit of the Seleni Archaeological Site

Visit of the Seleni Archaeological Site - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

After the lunch stop there will be the opportunity to visit the archaeological site of Seleni which is located in the Seleni forest

 This site is managed by the Historical Cooperative of the New Moon, which with a lot of passion will take you to take a real dive into the past. They will show you two Tombs of the giants of different historical periods and a nuraghe, which was of fundamental importance for its dominant position between the sea and the Gennargentu massif. Always remember that where there is a nuraghe there is always a panorama that awaits you.

Return by train from Elini Station

Return by train from Elini Station - STS Ogliastra - Info & Tours

After the afternoon visits to the Seleni woods, we always take our buses back to the Elini station for the return.

We do this in a special way to give you the opportunity to cut a part of the train route and make the return shorter and lighter, after a day already so full of places, views and pleasant emotions.

Those who have gone up to Elini will find their cars waiting for them and thus resume their way home, the other people will board the train to arrive at Tortoli station at 7.15 pm and in Arbatax at 7.45 pm.


ATTENTION: Leaving by train from Elini is an excellent solution for those with very young children and who want to somehow reduce the hours on the train, without losing the most panoramic part of the Trenino Verde route.

Prices and program "Memory Tour 2022"

Daily program:

-8:00 am Departure by train from Arbatax

-8:30 am Departure by train from Tortolì

-9:50 am Departure from Elini station or short BAR stop for those already on the train.

-11:50 am Arrival at Gairo Taquisara station and departure by minibus to visit the ghost town of Gairo Vecchio (8 km from the station)

-2.00 pm Lunch stop with the possibility of a tasting of typical products at zero km

-3.30 pm Visit of the Seleni Archaeological site

-5.30 pm Departure by train from Elini station

-6:15 pm Arrival at Tortolì station

-6:45 pm Return by train to Arbatax



 55 € Adults

35 € Children from 4 to 15 years

Free Children under 4 years

The price INCLUDES the train ticket, the guide and all guided tours, entrance to the archaeological site, all transfers and assistance.


Sardinian tasting: extra service at € 14.00 per person


At your place:


From 16 June to 11 September 2022

From Thursday to Sunday


Useful Info:

 The Arbatax station is located at the entrance to the port. Cars can be safely parked near the station or in the parking lots in the Rocce Rosse square

Next to the station you will find a bar for those wishing to have breakfast before departure

During the day you will be accompanied by the guides

The guides are in Italian and English. For other languages, audio guides or catalogs are provided as an alternative

Suitable clothing, closed shoes and a windbreaker are recommended in case of temperature changes

For those taking the tasting, please inform about any intolerances or allergies

Service carried out with an official tourist guide of the Sardinia Region


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