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Evening Strolls

Leisure at your Pleasure

Not everywhere in Ogliastra is accessible after dark so STS has highlighted some of the more popular areas to while away those sultry care-free holiday evenings.

Whether you've enjoyed Ogliastra's glorious weather during the day or you just feel restless when the sun goes down, there are opportunities to stretch those legs and take in the lush hypnotic whisper of the calm evening Mediteranean. If the beach is cumbersome, the larger towns of Ogliastra pedestrianise their principal roads and many shops remain open until late, bars and cafè offer alcoholic refreshments along side ice-creams and crèpe for a late night treat.

Regardless of your choice, STS wishes you a safe and enjoyable evening out.

Here are the places we reccommend:

Tortoli: The main road through the town is pedestrianised during the high season (july and august) and shops remain open until 11.30pm. Many cafè and bars welcome visitors to indulge in their assortment of ice-creams and sweets. Evening markets selling local produce intersperse with more common high street shops to cover most retail requirements.

Lido di Orri: 4km from the centre of Tortoli, the main straight runs parallel to the beach for roughly a kilometer, has wooden decking to walk on and is perfect for chilling out in the warm summer evenings. Friendly beach bars and cafè offer refreshments and there are really nice views of Porto Frailis and San Gemiliano to the north. Access by car is advised as the road leading to Orri is poorly illuminated.

Lanusei: Boasting beautiful panoramic views of east Ogliastra from all over the town, the heat of the summer evenings is far from uncomfortable here. High on the side of a mountain Lanusei opens up every friday evening for late night shopping and entertainment in its bars and cafè. Great if you want to cool down after the hot afternoon sun. Access by car on the SS198 from Tortoli for 25 minutes.

Santa Maria Navarrese: With a path running along side the beach, this offers a grand opportunity to stroll safely long after the sun goes down. The bars and cafè near the tower open until late and the lights from the town's marina shimmer welcomingly in the heat of dusk. Access by car unless residing at Santa Maria Navarrese.

Tower of Barisardo: As evening beach strolling goes, the north and south beaches either side of the tower are well worth the short drive from the main town. There are no actual paths to walk on here so beach shoes are reccomended. It is a very relaxing environment and the wide deep beach is perfect for romantic walks. Refreshments are available from family friendly beach bars and there is plenty of space to park your car just before reaching the tower itself.

Museddu (Cardedu): Heading south towards the less populated parts of the Ogliastra coast is this straight, tree lined section of road, path and beach. Quite undisturbed but never too far from welcoming beach bars to grab a cold beer or glass of crisp white wine. The main town of Cardedu is approx. 4km away so a short drive is neccessary to arrive here.

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