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Town Festivals

Festivals and Events of Ogliastra for the whole year!

Welcome to the STS guide to Local Festivals.

Ogliastra plays host to a wide variety of celebrations throughout the year including festivals for food and wine, religion and local historical figures. Many of the religious festivals include effigies of saints being paraded through the town pulled by massive oxen in dressage. Food and drink are served and traditional dress is worn by the locals. Music and dancing often follows and many festivals end with a fireworks display.

Donations from the towns folk and businesses are collected prior to the event and put towards the cost of the celebrations. Possibly the most poignant aspect of these festivals is the stoic loyalty shown by the locals as they continue their traditions year after year. 

The festivals are a great addition to the Ogliastran experience. 

If you would like more information regarding any of the festivals or are able to add something to our list then please do not hesitate to contact STS 

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