Location: Central Ogliastra (15km from the sea)

How to get there:

  • From the south take the main road SS125 north to Tortoli until reaching Cardedu, turn west following signs to Jerzu and continue up and around the valley until arriving at the junction for the old Cagliari road, turn right here and continue to Jerzu and Ulassai. Upon entering Jerzu take the second exit at the roundabout as though you are doubling back on yourself and take the road going up to the right, following signs to Ulassai. Continue on this road going up and above Jerzu with the town on your right hand side. Continue until turning left at the junction signposted Ulassai which is the SP11. Go through Ulassai remaining on the SP11 until arriving in Osini. This journey is quite arduous but offers fantastic scenery.
  • From Nuoro take the main road SS389 towards Lanusei until turning right onto the SS198 following signs to Gairo, continue on the SS198 turning right upon entering Gairo then down the valley and across it. When you begin to ascend on the other side take the left turn onto the SP11 following the signs to Osini, Ulassai and Jerzu. Continue on this road until arriving in Osini. This journey is quite tricky as there are many bends in the road but it offers spectacular scenery.


  • This small mountain town boasts some impressive views of the valley Rio Pardu and has some magnificent rural areas close by, including La Scala di San Giorgio and the archeological site of Nuraghe Serbissi. The old village of Osini is a surreal ghost town and is situated almost opposite Old Gairo on the other side of the valley. Plenty of walking and trekking in the area can lead you to ancient tombs and the remains of what many consider to be an old castle.

Points of interest:

  • Natural Monument La Scala di San Giorgio
  • Nuragic site of Serbissi
  • Old Osini
  • Monte Taccu 

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